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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 4, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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at sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. new new new new. it is since. i want my help and ten. association for relations across the taiwan straits chairman of the main love taiwan season's bumper third after concluding an eight day visit to taiwan with a stop at full height group's production base in court on a wide group chairman terry called warmly welcomed ten and expressed his hope that ended with a
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favorite i want in future of cross strait economic agreements and ghosts association for the nation in the taiwan strait chairman of the nie concluded his eight day visit to taiwan before it visiting home hiked its production base in whose hand of yours have a city in the way home i group chairman terry cloth and said he was especially impressed by hokies technological applications related to carbon nanotubes. tara called the ten detainees priceline paste as a gift ever to send it as pushes for a peaceful cross strait relationship art and also present is and the tree of good and secretary want to bleach and prosperity in electronic business there. but the recliner and any that aren't too close a collaboration with crippling have one entire night. if you care. carrick was said that he had to cut the crust retreat cooperation but held that this transformation and a structural transformation of economy of both sides straits exchange foundation
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cam and ingles said. o so we stayed at his hands at taiwan and china which together to establish international standards in france the tenth inning diluted eight day visit to taiwan and that taiwan can repair it. this was his first visit to taiwan the association of the nation i was really scared him and said he hoped to get the time i get near future. former premier yossi claim emerged as the victim of the democratic progressive party's new thai pizza de niro primaries. according to yell he will do his best to you not to partake. every store new type the city to the ttp. former lexington tomko a high gloss to yell in the primaries said he will fully support kills campaign regards to that allah solitary to you in the infield empty as his secretary general meeting to jockey in the race. the dp said to do with negotiate with the tissue in the hopes of having that drop out of
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the wrecks. american radio secret exceeded his former spokesperson council had in the democratic progressive pretty speedy type b c the mire of primaries. in a prepared statement released after the results were announced he'll expressed respect for trying and ppp new type the city chapter commissioner watch it and who withdrew from increased earlier according to yell. he will do its best to unite the party and the store you type the city to the dpp john dean clough said he withdrew its full support behind dough. even if he lost the primary by a margin of less than ten percent. in regards to the taiwan solidarity union decided to field its own candidate instead of supporting the ppp candidate. the dpp said they would negotiate with the ts here in the hopes that the key is he would withdraw from the brace the key as he scanned it is the party secretary general and to tout who unsuccessfully branch protect the county magistrate in nineteen eighty seven. over
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in the pan blue camp curry mee attack the city mayor eric who has that we announce whether he is ready for the election. there are rumors that meet at the city's mayor polio evening runs from the air because joe has his sights set on the twenty sixteen presidential elections palin railway feminist reasons eastern mind too will try and trunk line electrification project. what the originally scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. however as the word gone on those proceeded to slower than expected. as to which will be competition has been delayed until mid twenty fourteen and this means that i don't need of someone not to have the opportunity to write the new preview much rings when heading home for the upcoming lunar new year holiday. each ear tag and is seeking to return home for the lunar new year holiday encountered difficulty from purchasing the tickets for the past six years that i don't any conference also chartered taiwan railways
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ministry to think that the difficulties and feet on the sell out quickly as well there for many canadians were looking forward to the completion of hearing aids eastern mind to it i can talk like electrification project with disgust that the completed by the end of this here at the tribal time with the score ten and in this country to be scheduled helen for us to work on titles has proceeded slower than expected. determination of the project was delayed until mid two thousand and fourteen. a recently that i don't any government had said this was the last year to offer turner trains. now we'll be considered its decision in light of the fat pack. it would negotiate with the carry it off for transmitting taipei and i don't do less than five hours for six hundred and three dollars. both were interested in tickets can purchase them online. the legislature's transportation committee will reveal gambling related to drop zone december of that on the fourth more than three hundred months of residents gathered outside
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the legislature and asked for the trough to be swiftly past four months who passed a referendum on gambling last year. members of the committee also expressed hopes that the ceos can be established on time and proper as well as offshore islands. however anti gambling lawmakers and civic groups strongly opposed such a move the arts association states the valley outside the chair and the standard for it in hopes of seeing gambling related tasks with the past. inside experts and scholars both in support of and opposed to the casket gathered three hearing. some lawmakers to pass the draft said that taiwan can be on equal footing with other nations of the three new posts to the establishment of casinos on taiwanroper under the cabinets because tourists casino management pack and not so much they change nation's top casinos can only be established on taiwan's offshore islands. on
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the ballot to sit tight and then has proposed the casinos not be restricted to offshore islands. well that's the kitchen and has to put the kids he knows the established at college and air atop the list experts have pointed out that singapore is crime rate has risen while its economic growth rate has plummeted since gambling was legalized ministry of finance has announced on luxury homes pre sale real estate in residential properties sold for two many times will be the ministry's tax inspection priorities for next year the three homes will be the first targets including hundred fifty elect republicans in taipei city the ministry of finance the will look closely into those cases for possible attacks the basics luxury houses including treasure paris and eating parity in taipei city. armaan ministry of finance has pressed her against protect inspection next year. the ministry had snakes have a city that demonstration area to
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reinforce the tax inspection commentary housing including hundred and fifty acre luxury houses more than three thousand two hundred households in the city the ministry blog look closely into the transaction records have the luxury houses in the past two years to see if there were attacks the patients. ministry of finance as first break it includes houses over eighteen million and he carries with a kinda price hurt pain at over one kneeling and nt dollars what if the houses over eighty teens. over seventy percent of households requirements. the building would be categorized as a luxury housing luxury homes including taipei scars or pal is seeing if obama. fact is that clients and tending to our son and four ep building sea star. i like garden and to make quilts that are on the list. however scholars said the listing agents questioned the fact of the new measure. the ministry of finance that that they would implement tax
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inspections on the tree houses every year. and if the administration found that the seller or buyer if they get taxes. by late this would have to pay back taxes and would face a fine that is twice the amount of back taxes. several local cities grow on the end of the twenty thirteen edition of the united nations environment program sponsored the international awards for livable communities. collis who won four gold three silver and green lawn so what's making it that because the winner of the night on a full suitcase for the past several years costume has actively promoted a new prototype of living space for example called to import station was transformed into the home while concorde took part in and its installation art and green expanse is making it a favorite destination of locals and visitors alike. this project with the polk award winner and if you're into national wars for livable communities at the picasso exhibition
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making sure that if a group containing full impact of high above estimates the city's coastline protection project to clean the street and started chanting pipe which was similarly honored. all in all close to one four gold three silver and three pronged towards making it the top gold award winner and overall award winner out of the forty two cities taking part and if your support. however statistics show that if i fetched him and how you can read it. the number of presidents emigrating from college who had exceeded the number of precedents be there. that's the conscience to become a medical technician book up from the city as the medical community the hall to be roosting don't county revealed its inspection results over forty one processed rice and noodle products saying that the vehicle had its roof of the peninsula gases were found in my rice and noodle products. several manufacturers admitted adding in the eagle conservatives into the products due to the warm weather condition
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the products in with the gophers services have been taken off the shelves and manufactures are to face fines from the health bureau how do i condone county conducted an inspection. over forty when types of rice and noodle products and found that anti catholic with attitude i get the project it was the lethal products were mostly sold in traditional my kids and my kids owned by farmers associations. according to colonel asked preserve it as i'm not allowed to be added to my pseudo projects and the bill has demanded the contaminated products be taken off the shelves. the health village basic unexpected manufacturers five manufacturers been located again to a city park to wait p miller county the manufacturers and that it's the small amount of chris everett and swear at it in the noodle products the way to research the context of warm weather condition. if the us that the wet noodle is turned sour with the six hours at room
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temperature and consumers which suggests that smell that when purchasing price would do little projects in those packages. consumers are also highly advised to purchase the entire package and with your product labeling. younger drivers like to customize the exhaust pipes of their vehicles which leads to noise pollution. some of these customized cars and motorcycles are molded and ambulances. high density some foodies circle in particular is regarded as one of taiwan's top five notes is dropped. new new new new new customized it's the most high. it's nice that the seven decibels. this customized xml file country meanwhile has been banned by environmental authorities for ptc bombings of one hundred and twenty six decibels. as police frequently receive complaints about noise pollution. the environmental
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protection demonstration and local retirement of heroes are back together to enforce bans reporting fried at high intensity skirt the circle which is regarded as one of taiwan's top five new atheist wrote at least one hundred percent. the most commonly customized brand of car and motorcycle ace be stuck every honda and yamaha. according to the epa motorists that remove the muffins are subject to fines of up to twenty four thousand and two dollars. the creation of noise pollution can carry fines of up to three thousand six hundred and two dollars both muslims and their crews to continue the fight at twelve thousand dollars cardiovascular diseases occur frequently in the winter season. last week when the temperature dropped many people ended up at the hospital still wear some seniors even scientists from the effects of the cold weather. in tomahawk counties
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of fun in downtown said many elderly residents that along the fire department therefore one can see cpr an encounter with more than one thousand participated the oldest person to sign novelists and eighty five year old woman who said that she was happy to learn the life saving techniques says many of you tells the young people walk away from home. the elderly who remain behind for most learned to help each other according to the demands of the elderly woman with white beard house professional emergency personnel on the same thing to do cardio part in the sense that a second. my county spending its damage that has financed out of the population during the winter season the seniors in town they suffer from cardiovascular diseases that could easily lead to death. some presidency only time he was like the freak like me someone who wants to knock
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the cpi is not hard just remember to count the beats and follow the steps and cnet the chester french since cleaning up the airways and grants or artificial respiration. after obtaining the skills anyone can help save the mind. the morning when cows and people who signed up for the cpr class will help to prepare the town for any future emergencies the act. the company to cover me up on the control really. read your book among the exclusive. local student like me. the thoughts i will get a good player that didn't like it was totally shocked
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not actors too. through him it's no symptoms of you who don't know how to be simple several intersections. job well done. it also tasted good. the concert i wanna melt and can be programmed for international student assessment is a try and go into natural surveyed by dow to its execution systems worldwide. but testing skills and knowledge of fifteen year old students. the twenty twelve the survey focused on mathematics and the participation of sixty five countries and economies in taiwan six thousand students in the hunter sixty
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three schools were assessed the country finished fourth in mathematics behind sung hyun singapore and hong kong the programme for international student assessment has been designed to assess to what extent students can apply their knowledge to be a life situation can be pretty purple protect the pink and society. taiwan began participating in effect than in two thousand and six. for the two thousand and twelve survey the reading mathematics and science topic of peace at five hundred and ten thousand fifteen year old student and sixty five countries and economies were fast but the focus on mathematics. in taiwan six thousand students from one hundred and sixty three senior high school participated. they're mean score for mathematics was five hundred and sixty. back to taiwan for the league behind time high. singapore and hong kong and epic eighty one notch improvement compared to two thousand and nine. taiwan had finished first in the category in two thousand and six. meanwhile the disparity could to
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the level of achievement of males than females. marie talents. add to the large number of students we cannot meet mathematics standards compared to other asian countries. the disparity in mathematics achievement highlighted by the two continents will survey the full fifteen in the english language section of the basic competence at the junior high school students. the main issue that you can't miss that family background and the gap between city and countryside factors. as for reading and science that one finished eighth and thirteenth for the city an improvement in eighteen nineties and a drop of one notch effectively compared to two thousand and nine many students and parents who were concerns that there were news reports indicating to fight by the universities are planning to push the hike. several groups along the protests in front of the ministry of education to voice their opposition against a possible hike. protesters pointed out that education is not a commodity and that tuition hikes is equal to pay cut for parents . the students that
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go with them on the protesters who ran it in front of the ministry of education to express their opposition against tuition hikes apply to private universities in order to pay for education who had borrowed several hundred pounds in the nt dollars of student loan and had to wear to part time jobs the tuition hike would only make are buried and heavier and don't eat a student of college of journalism and communications of chasing university to join the protest. it was set at sixteen university was planning to increase its tuition fee by a thousand five hundred dollars which priests tends to ration the semester to fifty eight thousandand two dollars ten seconds since the income of his parents remained the same tuition hikes with equal to pay cut for his parents to the groups participating in the protest also criticized the government retaining
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higher education into commodities by allowing the school is to increase its tuition fees and lower taxes for many like him to prices in response the ministry of education said that he had not received proposals from universities to increase tuition. the ministry had at the legislature to pass the act governing just manipulation and peace the school is to establish a stable mechanism for schools to ration and peace the annual spring skirts world the ladies masters golf tournament is set to open was ninety six golfers inviting would be a hundred thousand us dollars cash prize caledonia dunn who was able to compete in the tournament last year due to injury but she hopes to take on this year's championship trophy announcing the spirits worldly dismissed his last name it. in december and will
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include all ninety six conference will be competing in the tournament. i want to understand the period in the park in the united states creamer. last time a year for many of the participants all i'm hoping to end the gear and pick out my teeth comb the championship trophy or a son who was restrained in on the top ten most popular asian athletes list could not compete in last year's screen states due to injury. she has been covered well since undergoing surgery in october. they can perform well in the ornament to encourage young golfers and i lined it and donated one hundred thousand dollars to the screen state's junior tournament time at the press conference with that. and p were also donated fifty thousand dollars each. sen says he hopes to invite more athletes to support the cause and help the young golfers pursue their claims. as one of the twelve major hawk on celebrations titles to wind turbines harvest festival cancun is the ip range and then they stay in the wee coach of domestic and
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international visitors to participating in rice harvesting and the beast but picnic on the rise on the while listening to singing performances from hawk us some righteous. their special guided tour helped them become better acquainted with the local park of the mix and our culture the new one and two thousand to rest on our own timeline and robinson next to my sometimes in vain village in williamstown step in deciding to cut some writers performance when harvesting writings. the special toy or provide for the visitors a chance to experience the joys and the share held by farmers after a winter harvest into one of the pop culture in industries as one of the twelve nature of the celebrations. what in your announcement of rice harvest festival was held in detention for the first time this year. the youth and stanford doesn't need it when clients introduces all the steps of rice planting seedlings to plant based and
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italian any in stock up on the ballot. it was going on thin ice to raise the visibility of the enemy and also its top quality rice fried eggs. i don't need government promised to donate all of the rice harvested at the festival its disadvantage crepes at a special meeting of community service to this year's celebration. star parties know where to start the stairs gathered to witness the possible comics have become increasingly popular in the last several years. recently thousands of amateur asked numbers are flocking to the telescope was sent to a certain comic i saw i can't stand was filled with art pieces. astronomy the twenty third. it's the right thing might be necessary if the ball
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the symbol to the moon the purpose of the star party conference to catch it on the ice time. although the party which has been held at seventeen years is a spontaneous capturing amateur astronomers. it does have the support and continue to make nachos and singing a verse the other scientific institutions. it is the star gazing. they're also the chairs and seminars the scope of the party has gotten bigger with each passing year. and some elementary school science teachers even prevent students hoping to unseat of interest in science and nature you can go to school use. the komodo productivity
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the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds . the welcome back let's take a look on what's on beaver island. are the salt the opportunity effect i want a moment and they were watching weeks to stick into it. the us. the picture is a
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group of islands in the phone simply stupid. the two being region with its own code compliant. i am. really in tune to come here each unit to enjoy the unique natural and cold. i'm there the minimum historical remains to be described as blue chips. most important of these. this is an honest as it reached the number of functions including thomas is folks. you know i once had and to tune in to school
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most scrutinized in this industry can of beans time are our. invincible was to issue me casa in its reconstruction of the old one was to be really cute keeps his own . it was originally built in fifteen cents. when are you kicking and cost to trade with neighboring states the air. this magnificently decorated stopped. does this mean. the man whom she recounts. she betrayed him designing. eight. as i the position and courts in switzerland sweden and he is
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still strong. it is the jury consummate behind an extensive tradition of cool sometimes. costumes in one country covers the listing to music and send chain. due to them. the main characteristics of this non traditional genome the eye this book. the jury comes to mind the shake n go. these grace one of the royal residence in control so used to receive envoys from overseas. lulu. weekend i was moved into chunks
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the band consisted of time to feel content and consumes the street from turkey. she agreed to the old aquino image. sometimes system spirits of relief when the trains and trucks hundreds of years. i'm still attracts many easy baskets st of war and respect for nature tht has beamed down in okinawa since ancient times local people are protected this week the group centuries. a place to pray to the gong. on the rocks and trees. will richard sykes a book in our living legacy this region's rich history
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and cultural traditions the you knew knew who knew the eye. the opportunity to visit and to be another shipment of corn from the us was held up because of the detection of an unapproved genetically modified strain of course in the shipment. leather surface from two key u s senators about the level of security in the telecom network


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